Kaї was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Son to a French-Tunisian father and Mexican­American mother, he grew up surrounded by a unique blend of history, tradition, and celebrations.

Not surprisingly, Kaї developed an appreciation for culture and art early on.

He found a medium for this interest at age 14, when he began to create original pieces throughout his sprawling hometown.

Several years and countless pieces later, Kaї accepted an offer to study at the California Institute of the Arts (Santa Clarita, Calif.) and subsequently, L' ecole des Beaux Arts (Paris, France). There, he was inspired by the old masters, refined his technique, and developed a deeper understanding for the industry.

After returning from university, Kaї imagined his signature "IF" (Imaginary Friend) character. He created IF with no discernible color, sex, or race. Kaї wanted the character to be warm, relatable, and impactful.

Kaї quickly incorporated IF into all his work, including original murals, paintings, sculptures, clothing and accessories, and stickers. The fan favorite has also become the inspiration for countless tattoos. IF helps communicate countless, universal concepts and values in creative and thoughtful ways.

Kaї is a street artist who is recognized for his use of bright colors, signature IF (Imaginary Friend) character and ability to explore powerful messages and universal themes through any medium. His unique style, including broad use and appreciation for cement, and social commentary continue to set him apart from his contemporaries.